• Joy to the World/Jul. 2015

Joy to the World/Jul. 2015

Highly recommended as the best extracurricular reader for junior and elementary school students by Government Information Office, Republic of China
Author/Editor: Peggy Huang
Size: 21cm ×29.7cm
Target students: Kindergarten、Elementary、English language new learners
Series: Magazine Series


In this issue of Joy to the World, students will learn:

Special Reports will teach students new knowledge and how to describe exhibition information in English.
Picture Challenges will teach students vocabulary words related to culture!
Through the World will introduce various countries’ cultures. It will cultivate the students’ reading skills and global perspectives.
My Zoo will encourage students to respect life and love animals.  They will also learn to describe animals in English.
Let’s Talk will help students speak in English through an interesting dialogue.
Little Library will guide the students to read through illustrations and stories and make reading more fun!
DIY Fun will teach you English and DIY at the same time!
Little Reporters will have children from different countries talk about their countries!
Games and Quizzes will incorporate games into English learning. Students will play games and review English at the same time.

1. A superb magazine recommended by all:

Recommended as the best extracurricular reader for junior and elementary school students by Government Information Office, Republic of China
Highly recommended by Dr. Clifford Hill of Teachers College at Columbia University of the United States. Dr. Hill’s main area of research is language and education curriculums. He has lived in Africa and China and is well aware of the difficulties children face in learning a second language. He advocates children learning a second language through the native country’s culture and background. Dr. Hill has published many important books about sociolinguistics and psycholinguistics. His works have been translated into many languages and published in numerous countries.
Highly recommended by Dr. Lucia Rodriguez, Director of Education of UNA-USA. Dr. Lucia advocates “United Nations” studying mode. Children of the same age from different countries represent their countries and debate about real issues. This will cultivate children’s linguistics skills, communication skills, critical thinking skills, and global perspectives.

2. View the world from Taiwan:

  Joy to the World emphasizes global perspectives. Each issue takes students around the world to see various interesting cultures and learn geography. It allows students to learn about the world in the comfort of home.

3. Specifically designed for elementary school students:

  Joy to the World is bilingual with Mandarin phonetic alphabet for easy understanding. While the students learn in English, they also get to see how the contents are expressed in Mandarin.  Even the students who can’t fully understand English can enjoy the fun of reading. This is the foundation of active learning.

Recordings of all articles on two audio CD.

Author: Jenny

Department of Children’s English Education: full-time assistant professor

COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY, Teachers College, New York, NY
Doctor of Education (February 2006)
Master of Education (May 2000)

STANFORD UNIVERSITY, School of Education, Stanford, CA

Master of Arts (July 1999)
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